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It takes much effort, determination, skill and a little luck to succeed in the industry we all love. To endure takes even more and that is something indie developer VooFoo studios has certainly achieved.

I was invited to attend the teams 10 year bash last week in Birmingham as they celebrated the anniversary with close friends from inside and outside the industry. With members from studios such as Rare among others it demonstrated the history within the studio and colleagues outside of it. It was a privilege to meet artists, designers, programmers among others and shoot the breeze on hardware, development and much more.

Apart from being a small independent studio that has now moved into publishing, what really sets them apart from many others is the fact they have developed their own in-house and versatile engine that has been used to power a myriad of titles such as Pure Pool, Big Sky Infinity, Mantis Burn Racing, Pure Chess and the Sony released Hustle Kings. The engine has shown its versatility from pure Physics based pool gameplay to randomly generated worlds while also being one of the first & few to deliver native 4K/60fps gaming on the PS4Pro and they have a desire to push onwards from here.

They have a press release you can read below & I hope you join me in wishing them all the success for the next 10 years!


Birmingham, United Kingdom – 5th July 2017 – Award nominated indie developer and publisher VooFoo Studios, best known for the ‘Pure’ series and acclaimed top-down racer, Mantis Burn Racing®, today proudly celebrate their 10th birthday! To mark the occasion VooFoo has revealed that their games have generated over 5.5M downloads across all platforms to date.

Technology Director and owner of VooFoo Studios, Mark Williams, is delighted to have reached such a prestigious milestone, “For a small indie studio to be celebrating our 10th anniversary and over 5M downloads in such a notoriously unpredictable industry is something we can all be immensely proud of. It's testament to the hard work, determination and talent of the team and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to all of our achievements over the past 10 years. With our move into publishing, work underway on a new owned IP and exciting plans for Mantis Burn Racing®, the future’s never looked brighter for the studio - here’s to the next 10 years!”

VooFoo Studios was founded in 2007, starting out as just a three-man team short on resources and finance but equipped with boundless enthusiasm and an unflinching ambition to create fun, best-in-class games that anyone can play. After many years hard work, the studio has grown and developed a proud reputation for creative and technical expertise with games that have released on every major gaming console, PC and mobile, all of which have been developed using their own in-house tech and game engine.

VooFoo’s first published game, Hustle Kings, published by Sony in 2009, reached the top of the PSN charts, earning them two Develop Awards nominations in the process. Whilst Hustle Kings helped launch the studio, the VooFoo developed ‘Pure’ series of games - Pure Chess (2012), Pure Pool (2014) and Pure Hold’em (2015), along with Big Sky Infinity (2012), FlyHunter (2014) and Mantis Burn Racing® (2016), earned the studio hoards of enthusiastic reviews from press and gamers worldwide and have collectively generated over 5.5M downloads across all platforms. With a growing team and increased in-house expertise, 2016 saw VooFoo take the bold and exciting step into publishing with the release of their first owned IP, the highly acclaimed and incredibly addictive top-down racer, Mantis Burn Racing®, on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam (PC).

VooFoo Studios 2017

Whilst VooFoo are rightfully proud of their achievements over the past 10 years, with a new publishing capability, work underway on a brand-new IP and exciting plans to extend Mantis Burn Racing® into new areas, they are confident that their biggest successes are still ahead of them.

VooFoo Studios’ key milestones and achievements:

  • 2007 - Formed by Mark Williams, ex Rage and Juiced Games.
  • 2009 - Hustle Kings (PS3/PS Vita) earns VooFoo two Develop Award nominations.
  • 2012/15 - The VooFoo developed ‘Pure’ series of games release to worldwide critical acclaim, selling millions of copies globally.
  • 2012 - Twin-stick shooter, Big Sky Infinity, wins Pocket Gamer’s ‘Gold Award’ (PS Vita).
  • 2016 – VooFoo self-publishes their first owned IP, Mantis Burn Racing®, gaining a TIGA award nomination for best racing game.
  • July 2017 – VooFoo celebrate 10 years in the games industry, announcing over 5.5M downloads across all games to date.
  • 2017 – Work underway on a number of unannounced projects including a new owned IP.

VooFoo are currently working on a number of as yet unannounced projects, which are as diverse as they are exciting and may just surprise a few people!