Virtua Racing:RetroPerspective

From 2D to 3D Modern rendering defined

Publisher Sega
Developer AM2
Platforms tested PS2 Saturn Sega/Mega 32X Megadrive/Genesis Model 1 Arcade
Sega was, and is, a proud figure in video games history and dominated both home console and arcade’s for a long period. Amongst it’s pedigree is the AM gaming division of 1,2 and 3 led by legendary creator Yu Suzuki.

The name of the teams came from the time they would leave the office each morning, a Japanese hardworking ethos that they took to extremes. The game that started it all was Virtua Racing, launching the Model 1 arcade boards with this title. Smashing into the arcades from the AM2 team, born from his love of racing seen in his other iconic titles from Hang-On, a big influence on my passion for bikes, Powerdrift and of course Outrun. This seismic shift from 2D Pseudo 3D sprite scaled visuals to true Polygon rendered graphics was a revolution we are likely never to see again.

With such an influential title from SEGA that not only pushed them further ahead in the arcade domain than any other rival, it was in many ways the blueprint for modern 3D rendering. Home machines and consoles had no hope of delivering the arcade delights, did they? Find out this and much, much more in my latest RetroPerspective article.

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