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Small on a BIG scale
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After a hands on Preview I chat with the developer on this intriguing RTS VR title.
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Is 2016 the year of VR?
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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer - Preview
Naughty dog return with the latest and final chapter in the Nathan Drake tale a ground up PS4 game.…
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Ubisoft have had a tough time this generation with unfinished launches, failed promises and much…
Forza 6 Attention 2 Detail Preview
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Hardline Preview
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Horizon Zero Dawn
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GDC 2015 Preview
Next week commences one of the highlights of my year and I am sure many of you with the Games…
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Star Wars Battlefront Preview
Dice return with its latest battlefront game all wrapped within the star wars universe. Also it…


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Hands On

Where possible they will all come from hands on with the game with a clear description of the platform(s) demonstrated/tested on.

Hands off

Being able play the game first hand is not always the case, so some of them will be based on information and released or supplied game play footage, again these will be explained within each article.


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